IT Services

Information Technology forms an integral part of a progressive business. In the current Ecommerce climate, E- Business is becoming a growing requirement for our clients in conducting their daily business. MGM prides itself on being at the forefront of emerging technologies to lead our clients into this new era. With ADSL, an always-on connection to the internet, we offer the following services to our clients:

Remote Access to Software Solutions on our Server

We are the first accountancy firm in Ireland to offer this leading edge “e-accounting” solution. Clients from anywhere in the world can log onto our server and input data directly into our software solutions. They can also view data inputted by ourselves and generate reports.

Private Client Access to a secure Area on our website

This service allows our clients to access their financial data in a protected area on our website. The client connects to our website, via the internet and using a unique PIN number gains access to the protected area. This area can only be accessed by the individual client. The type of data available via this service is tailored to clients’ requests. For example:

  • Latest Management Accounts
  • Critical Documents
  • List of Queries

Selection of Software Solutions

We assist our clients in the selection of systems which facilitates the running of their business in an efficient manner. Our methodology involves:

  • Identifying our clients IT requirements
  • Evaluating the products in the market place against an agreed set of criteria.
  • Select a solution which is the “Best Fit”
  • Implement the solution Train the client